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Hi, and welcome to Hexarelative's official website.

We're working on various projects ranging from Discord Bots creation to websites coding
We also work on Construct 2 to make little games :D
We have a lot of ideas that we're hoping will come to fruition
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WIP Section

Discord BOTS coding (in Python)

- AFBot, a translation bot, is just basically a mess, it works, that's all...



AFbot Source Code View
Invite AFbot to your server Invite
SWAP (old test game) Play
SWAP2 (New test game) Play


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About Us

Our team is composed of 3 members: 1 member:

Vincent M. -> Web/C2/Python programmer
Maxime K. -> UE4 Programmer
Grégory Gayon -> Designer

Special Thanks to :

Nicolas B. -> Best Teacher 10/10 would learn again
Valentin H. -> The creator of the logo (whoa)
Thomas N. -> Grammar Nazi
Linda B. -> Helped a lot to fix my broken english
Louis G. -> You wanted it, you have it.

Released 18/08/2017
Coded with love and Brackets (best IDE ever)
Website hosted by OVH !
Fonts used : "Market Deco" and "Sansation Regular"

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